Mar 13, 2016


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Hello to everyone!  
Hope you're doin fine.
Sunday kinda turned into our "photography-day" :-D
Another look feat. this awesome oversized shirt from  

In case you haven't checked out my last post; use the promo code "philipa" for a discount of 15% at their vintage shop. Pretty cool clothes!!

Got myself a pair of adidas doom, something different for a change :-D



Feb 28, 2016

Long Time

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It's been a long time since my last post I know. Sorry I was a bit pre-ouccupied during the past months.

Here some shots we took today. 

As per usual, a pretty simple look feat. this awesome shirt I got from 

Check out their site for some edgy vintage clothes;
totally my style. 
U can use the promo code "philipa" for a discount of 15%! 
So give them a visit, it's worth it! :-)

Best wishes,


Nov 11, 2015