Sep 5, 2015

The Sea

IMG_5274 IMG_5207 IMG_5336 IMG_5311 IMG_5263 IMG_5381 IMG_5214 IMG_5346 IMG_5293 IMG_5209 IMG_5338 IMG_5210 IMG_5348

An evening at the beach of St. Rapahael

Aug 26, 2015

St. Tropez Trip

IMG_5063 IMG_5037 IMG_5031 IMG_5062 IMG_5048 IMG_5039 IMG_5061 IMG_5065 IMG_5038

A few shots we took on our one day trip to St. Tropez! 
Pretty simple look.

Aug 21, 2015

Holiday Look 2

IMG_4990 IMG_4962 IMG_4956 IMG_4937 IMG_4988 IMG_4999 IMG_4961 IMG_4975 IMG_4954 IMG_5001

Spend a day in Cannes, which is so crowded in the afternoon but beatiful in the evening.