Feb 15, 2015


IMG_3842 IMG_3822 IMG_3847 IMG_3808 IMG_3831 IMG_3845 IMG_3841 IMG_3815

Jeans Jacket | Levi's 
Jeans | Asos 
Sweater | Levi's 
Shoes | Dr. Martens 

Feb 6, 2015

Polar Storm

IMG_3793 - Kopie IMG_3783 IMG_3800

Bomber Jacket | Urban Outfitters / Indigo & Maine 
Shoes | Dr. Martens 
Shirt| Urban Outfitters

Jan 31, 2015

Ghetto Love

IMG_3779 IMG_3767 IMG_3773 IMG_3771 IMG_3769  

 Bomber Jacket | Urban Outfitters

Jan 25, 2015

Is This Love

IMG_3751 IMG_3754 IMG_3745 IMG_3744 IMG_3743 IMG_3748 IMG_3757 IMG_3746

Jeans Jacket | Levis 
Shoes | Dr. Martens

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Dec 26, 2014

Never think


IMG_3626 IMG_3651 IMG_3624 IMG_3641 IMG_3619

Cardigan: Untited Colors Of Benetton | 
Jeans+Shirt: Urban Outfitters | 
Shoes: Dr. Martens

Dec 6, 2014

IMG_3605 IMG_3611 IMG_3606 IMG_3608  

Have a nice weekend!


Nov 25, 2014


IMG_3576 IMG_3581 IMG_3566 IMG_3565

Finally managed it to take some new pics! Sorry for my absence, not really in the mood currently. 

Have a nice week,