Aug 21, 2014


IMG_2749 IMG_2767IMG_2755
Finally managed it to take some new pics! Enjoy the rest of the week! :-) 


Jul 19, 2014

My soul

IMG_2651 IMG_2685 


It's really hot in my hometown, luckily we're surrounded by forest!

Jul 14, 2014

Not everything's an illusion

IMG_2632 IMG_2629b IMG_2637b IMG_2635b  
New look, wearing my Bomber Jacket I ordered at Asos Marketplace! Gonna wear it as long as possible and with as much joy as I can spare :-D 

Weather in my hometown is dark and rainy and that's what makes me happy and comfortable. I always saw the rain as something really special and mysterious; also as something inspirational! It cleans the air and gives me some kind of hope..