Jan 29, 2013

Some people, they roam this world alone

IMG_2653 IMG_2663 Kopie von IMG_2677

Dr. Martens

IMG_2478 You know what I don't get? Why I haven't worn these two friends for such a long time? 
I bought them about 7 months ago! Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the mood I don't know... 

Jan 16, 2013


IMG_2209blog "Maybe someday I can say that I know who I am with the certainty that you can never completely find yourself. I can't stick to certain things because my mind is like a tornado and that's why it is so difficult for me to make decisions. Every time people tell me that I'm different I take it as a compliment even if it's not meant like that. I'm nostalgic but I also want a change and sometimes it sounds scary but I like to be sad just because it makes me think about the future and the past and what I don't want to become, it intensifies the flame of my dreams... Things change: A cold winter, which brings snow and fills your lungs with cold air, proves that..." IMG_2207