Apr 1, 2015

Safety Is A State Of Mind

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Hello hello,
hope you're all doing fine.

New look featuring two amazing pieces I had to style for Pepe Jeans for their "Style Leader Project" they chose me for. Was a lot of fun being part of all that!

Check out the official site:

Been looking for a brown biker jacket for a long time now! Totally in love with this one (which is hard because I'm not really a fan of leather jackets tbh)!  
Bandanas alway remind of festivals that's why I like them so much and this one's a stunner. 

Tried to give the whole look my personal note; hope you gonna like it!

Time flies currently and it suprises me every day how fast things can change. I think some of you can relate! :-D

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thanks for reading.

Have a nice week! 


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