Oct 13, 2014

Strellson: Roadtrip

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Hello hello,
 I received a packet from Strellson with some new stuff!
Favorite piece is definitely the leather jacket! I'm not really the guy "who wears leather jackets" but this one's a stunner. Love the biker look and the different layers of leather.
Those jeans are great as well because they're not too tight and look quite simple. 
I like it casual!
The scarf caught my eye because of its pattern. I'm a fan of "big knitted" scarves in which I can bury my face when it's cold outside (especially at crowded places);-)

Main theme was "Roadtrip"! So my guitar was a must because I definitely would take it with me when I'd stroll through the city. My sister and I discovered this old "bus", so we took the pictures there because it almost screamed "Roadtrip"! :-D
At this point I'm thanking everyone who thinks that my blog is worth following! Thank you guys! Feels good that something you do for fun gets so much acceptance and positive feedback! :-)

Have a nice week!