Apr 21, 2014


IMG_1662 IMG_1683 IMG_1664 IMG_1709 IMG_1740 IMG_1687 IMG_1649 IMG_1712  
Yesterday my sister and I went out and acutally took some pictures outside! Have to do this more often, my photos always look the same. It's just so comfy taking them inside of my appartement BUT I really need to change that. 
Anyway here are some new ones. 
I love spending time in the "green"! That's the good thing about living right next to a forest. Always a beautiful, peacful  v i e w  and  l o a d s  of nostalgia (in a positive way)! Perfect place to shoot so why am I always taking my pics inside?!

Hope you all are spending happy easter days! :-)


  1. These pictures are beautiful! I especially like the detail shot of the ripped knee.

  2. cool shoes!!! have a nice day

    Greets Jon,
    Jon The Gold's Blog
    ps: new blogpost, check it out ;-)