Apr 14, 2013

The end of a blood line, the moon is a cold light

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1) Black & White Photograph of myself
2) View from my living room
3) Milkshakes: My sister is kind of obssesed with making milkshakes! Todays flavor: Strawberry & melon! Human guinea pig? Myself!
4) Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials (Last album I bought and literally in love, that's real music and Florence Welch is one real artist)
5) Coachella Music + Arts Festival - Livestream: Instead of studying I found myself watching the livestream of Coachella and had a kind of depressed moment.. What would I give to be there.. Well, another disadvantage of living in germany! I just love festivals: The music, the atmosphere, the people there...
Oh by the way, I LOVED the performance of Phoenix. Just perfection!

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  1. Deine Dreads sind ma voll hot alta :p
    Übelst schöne Bilder unso
    Liebst, lalu http://seemyblog-lalu.blogspot.de/