Dec 29, 2010

Warm feelings in you

Hey guys!
This is my new look! It is taken in fall maybe you can see it because of the colors!
It was a spontan idea to take pictures with this guitar! But then i liked it;)
Hope you like it too! I like the warm colors in this picture, because of this I called the look "warm feelings in you"!

Thank you for your amazing support! I wish you a nice week!
xx Philip


  1. Hi! Love the look. I'll be posting your pictures on my blog, if you don't mind. Blessings in this new year! From Costa Rica! ;)

  2. hehe, I just saw the time of that comment, here's still Jan 1! 8:25 pm. Just wanted to post that.

  3. wow du siehst echt älter aus als 16 !
    und nebenbei bist du echt heiß & ich liebe deinen style <3333

    - svenja

  4. Love the post, you look great! Also I love the blog, following!

    Check out mine! C u around!